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What We're About !

Our goal is to record and to promote artists and their art across the many digital platforms available. We utilize CD/DVD media, file downloading and streaming, using our own internet radio broadcasting server called WQTK Media Stream. We have a global community of artists who participate in the scripting and production of radio drama, fiction, and the historical. For those of you on the West coast, we partener with Edgewater Studio, making it more convieniant for those wishing to participate.


At Our Location, Swampedge Studio!

Two people, WendellQuillen and Tony Kinsella (Origin of the WQTK name) sharing a common dream, took sail on the sea of sight and sound. They started this adventure in 2005 on the east coast of Florida, just across the Indian river from the Kennedy Space Center, in Titusville. Though our facility is small in size, it's huge in quality. The accurate acoustical spaces along with the latest in recording gear, provide the best for tracking the analog world for digital recording.Swampedge Studiois proving to be one of Florida's best sounding facilities, swiftly gaining the ranks of being one of the most desired places to record. Not only is it affordable, it's one of the best and by many, THE best!

WQTK's Store at CDBaby

Austin Church:

Walkin' in Outa Leavin

Austin Church:

In The Blue Ago

Kyle Talbot:


Austin Church: Walkin
Austin Church: In the Blue Ago
Kyle Talbot, Andrew Selkow & Don Hatley: Obelisk

Every since the earliest recordings of humankind's humble beginnings, most found the reason to excel in some particular design for the purpose of obtaining personal gain or reward. It was discovered somewhere in time that integrating passionor skill into some tangible form gave it a means for sharing with the masses.

Though this little bit of information is true within all walks of life, we'll only concern ourselves with those in the written, verbal, musical and visual arts.

We live in very exciting times, because it's the dawn of instantaneous global enlightenment! It has dramatic affects for artists and their means of sharing.

A few decades ago, the first step of global distribution was recording the song, then to send it either to tape or vinyl. Once done the sky was the limit, that is if you had enough cash, a rich uncle or if by luck, your record found it's way to the desk of the right set of ears who could pull strings.

In that period of time, those owning the physical radio stations ruled who's who in the music biz. Obviously there were a lot of steps to be taken and people had to be paid just for sharing your music....a possible reason why the internet has turned this business upside down in a way which has forced the music industry to try and rethink the whole concept, since anyone owning a computer can now have their own internet radio station.

WQTK's mission: helping talent, helping us!

WQTK is taking a free thinking way for keeping the lights on at our Swampedge Studio, while providing all the services we have to offer, by simply providing a contractual agreement between the applied selected artists and WQTK Productions, LLC. We still offer the old standby way of simply paying for what you wish, but our uniqueness lies in the way we've elected to do business with others. Our concept is to allow the artist to have the freedom to do what they wish through a state of the art studio at Swampedge, or to create theaters of the mind remotely. Once all the recording process is finished, we master it for our download services, for our CD or DVD sales, our internet radio streaming site, and finally for use in finding that next BIG DEAL which may be out there just waiting on the next new sound or show!

Wouldn't it be nice for you musicians to sell your creations while waiting for that special moment to arrive? Though it may never happen, at least you're in the loop to be heard and have more than just yourself in your corner, cheering you on! You also have a professional recording, you're generating sales from our store and our 3rd party associates, your art is announced and played, as well as put in rotation at our WQTK Media Stream radio site! Your payment was your time to record, a small percentage of it's sales and hopefully, a small piece of the big pie you may receive from a major recording label!

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